About Us

Bilbo's have a loyal team who design and assemble our range of camper conversions in our workshop. Whatever the adventure, this is the team you want behind you.

Because we get out there ourselves, we know what works.

This means that the interiors we design aren’t just wonderfully cosy and secure; they’re clever, and they work, perfectly.

Each vehicle is built upon a powerful, utterly dependable Volkswagen and then caringly enhanced by our craftsmen for serious exploration.

All Bilbo’s campervans are Euro 6 compatible, European type approved, NCC approved and are built by our skilled British craftsman in our purpose built factory with build quality guaranteed through our ISO 9001 accreditation.

When we design a Bilbo’s Motorhome, it’s you we have in mind. After a day of big skies and new adventures, you want an interior that’s as rugged and reliable as the vehicle that got you there.

You need a place for muddy gear as well as somewhere to stow the snuggly stuff. At day’s end, it’s about cleaning up and getting cosy without a lot of fuss and bother.

When it comes to food, you want enough kitchen equipment to cook up a treat and a spacious fridge that won’t let you down.

Most of all, you need a proper bed that’s as effortless to make and as comfortable and warm as the one back home.

Because, after all, tomorrow is a whole new day…




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