Quality, Safety and Peace of Mind

Vehicle Type Approval
Vehicle Type Approval or VTA is the highest possible vehicle safety standard and not to be confused with the lower grade Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). VTA signifies that a standardized product has been developed, and that the production samples of the design have met with specific high performance standards of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). All aspects of our Bilbo seat systems have been vigorously tested, including the seat system being crash tested to the same standard as mass production cars.

A campervan built to VTA also ensures that you are the first registered keeper of a new campervan and that it has not had a 'previous life' as a work van.  

NCC Approval
The NCC Product Approval Scheme imposes a strict inspection regime on habitation safety requirements to provide consumer protection. Every unit that has been approved is licensed to carry an NCC Approved Badge and a certificate is also issued to the consumer detailing the specification of the model that was inspected and approved.

Inspections are conducted on-site at the manufacturers premises and depending upon specification, there may be 500 - 600 individual points checked on any one unit. The inspection process is complemented by unannounced surveillance checks at the factory to ensure that the products continue to comply with the relevant criteria. As such, the NCC badge provides a reliable benchmark by which product liability can be measured.


ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 standard relates to a quality management system and is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. The Customer focused ISO 9001 is independently audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) ensuring that each process within Bilbo's is considered and monitored, each member of staff is accountable for their stage of the process, and that Bilbo's is focused on providing a product and service to the highest standard to each individual customer. From taking the order, to verifying the product at each stage of the process, to preparing vehicles for sale and carrying out the vehicle demonstration upon collection, Bilbo's strives to provide a satisfying customer experience and a quality reliable vehicle.


What we think
We think that all of these regulatory standards are important, with the most important being 'Type Approval'. Many conversions and seat fixings on the market are just not up to passing the same exacting tests as Bilbo's products, and worse still many convertors take short cuts by either fitting seats that are not collision tested or by not fitting tested seats in a manner which meets VCA safety requirements. This may result in the sale of cheaper conversions but at what price?

Bilbo's quest is to continue to build and deliver high quality, thoroughly tested campervans which comply with the latest legislation.

So when you are ready to buy your new Bilbo campervan, you can rest assured that you are buying from a fully approved convertor, complying to all the industries quality and safety standards in particular 'Type Approval'.

You are investing in a thoroughly tested conversion which meets yours and the industries expectations and you are making sure that you and your passengers are safe.

Bilbo's, quality, safety and compliance built in.

Start your motorhome adventure with Bilbo's today!